One of the limitations of producing a physical book is that at some point, you gotta cap it. We’ve done a few larger collections (HALLOWEEN PARTY 2019 and WHAT SORT OF FUCKERY IS THIS? being the obvious examples), but in general our collections gravitate toward 200 pages. This means that a fair number of authors are excluded, and this is true of any publisher producing physical titles.

To help provide our over-40 authors with more resources, we’ll be rolling out our online anthology, INSTANT NOODLES, this spring. More details will be forthcoming, but in short, the magazine will feature short stories, poetry, and memoir. We will promote the authors published in INSTANT NOODLES to the same extent we promote all of our contributing authors which, if you’ve worked with us before, you know is a lot. There is no submission fee for authors, and no cost for readers. All content will be publicly available within the INSTANT NOODLES section of the DPP site.

Check out the INSTANT NOODLES webpage for more details, and to submit your work.