HIBERNACULUM starts out like most books, neat, clean, crisp white pages, chapters, titles, headers, all nice and normal.

And it ends like this:

It ends on notebook paper, torn from a spiral notebook, and hidden.

The book is fiction, and there is all story there, and you get to know and love the characters very well and much. But Anthony digs in. And so, why would the world come to have places where people could go to hibernate? Why would we need human hibernation? The answers range, and include vanity, conservation, rest, but also poverty, desperation, and ending up on notebook paper. Which humans get which kind of hibernation?

And that’s always the question in life, which humans get which kind of life, right?

The novel starts like a day at the spa, or MOMA, and ends on, well, not even on notebook paper, but I’m not giving it completely away. It sparks thought; it glows, and it swims in my mind, and I come back to it again, and again, and-

This damn book, this HIBERNACULUM.

And it’s here, and HERE, if you want it.

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Kindle Vella is a format where an author can serialize a novel. JUST A HOUSECLEANER is Amy Willard’s novel about a housecleaner named Patsy who solves a crime.

Anyone in the USA (currently it is only offered stateside) can read Amy’s book on Kindle Vella. And the first three episodes are free.

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The paperback version releases next year.

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echoes from the hocker house by virginia watts
Echoes from the Hocker House, short stories from the wilds of coal country by Virginia Watts, a National Book Award nominee!


What do the reviews say about Jeffrey Keeten’s commentary added to the classic Dr. Jekyll?

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Break in the Field by Ellis Elliott

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Congratulations to Anthony Doyle, whose dystopian sci fi novel was chosen for inclusion in the August Kirkus Reviews magazine!

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And, just as an FYI, I read this book when it was submitted to us, I read it to edit it, and I read it a few more times after that. I was captivated by the book every single time. If you, like me, loved1984, A Clockwork Orange, Brave New World, you will also love Hibernaculum. It’s just that good.


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Old Scratch Press is curating the December issue?

“Please take note, we’re shortening our word count. Can you take the challenge and keep it brief by making every word count? For our Winter issue we’re asking our writers to limit their poetry submissions to 2 poems (up to a combined total of 500 words). Prose writers, we’ll be only publishing work that is 500 words or less. (If you need to finish a sentence, we’ll cut you a little slack).  Guest Editors for the Winter issue include: GABBY GILLIAM: Poetry, R.DAVID FULCHER: Fiction, ALAN BERN and DIANNE PEARCE: Art, and NADJA MARIL: Memoir/Creative Nonfiction.”