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We’re Devil’s Party Press. We began in 2017 as a way to publish the writing of a small writing group we managed and hosted in our home. We soon realized we wanted to publish more authors, and more genres. To that end…

…we’re also Out of This World Press, where we publish sci-fi and speculative (and even a little fantasy is on the horizon) like the riveting and unusual new book HIBERNACULUM by Anthony Doyle.

We’re also Hawkshaw Press, where we publish hardboiled and cozy mysteries, like the amazing hardboiled novel, LET’S SAY JACK KENNEDY KILLED THE GIRL.. and Stan Charnofsky’s CHARLOTTE SMART series.

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And now we’ve really gone and done it! Through an amazing cooperation between us and some authors we love, we’re launching a poetry imprint. Old Scratch Press (OSP) is starting from scratch, and going to see what a group of people who love poetry and short form writing can do to bring it to the world. You can follow OSP from scratch, and watch as we develop our sense of self as a place to publish poetry (not an easy thing to do) and appreciate poetry. You can also follow and have a front row seat to the “science experiment” of a shared mission as it unfolds. It’s not the 1960s anymore, can a collective make it work?

I guess they say that most small businesses don’t make it past year one. And then, the ones that hang on, sometimes they hit a tipping point, and they begin to grow.

Over the years since we began, we (Dianne and Dave) have given our blood, sweet, tears, and quite substantial editing and design hours to our authors over and over again. Yes, we always need another week on that project. But we were so excited about it! We cannot wait to see the book in print, and to read it again, and again! And we love giving authors a chance to reach someone with their words. All we all want, all authors, are readers. And as we grow, we’re finding a way to give more opportunities. Some as editors/curators of collections, and some as artist/illustrators. We love late bloomers! We’re (fairly) late bloomers! And if you want to find out about the kind of late bloomers folks like us hang out with, you can see them here. It’s true, they’re my favorite people.

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DPP is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of HIBERNACULUM, an original sci-fi novel by Anthony Doyle. Set in the not-too-distant-future, HIBERNACULUM will take you to a world where human hibernation has become a common occurrence. 

For the affluent: it’s the equivalent of a luxury holiday, or a way to sleep through recovery from cosmetic surgery.

For the sick: it’s a place to rest and wait for a cure.

For the activists: it’s a way to decrease their carbon footprint.

For the rest of us: it’s a means of surviving in a world that has grown too costly: give yourself to the Hibernaculum for six months; sublet your apartment to a newly awakening sleeper. Doyle’s ambitious novel is filled with intrigue and mystery, while simultaneously commenting on the world that may exist tomorrow.

HYBERNACULUM is the very definition of a page turner, and a novel that will stay with you long after you’ve finished it. Arriving in July via our sci-fi imprint, Out-of-This-World Press.

Preorder now to receive a limited bonus item available only during the preorder period, and only through DPP, your very own Hibernaculum brochure detailing all the spa-options and choices for a sleeper like yourself!

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Let’s celebrate that with a guest post from David about his thirty years of publishing Samsara Magazine!


Time flies.

It seems like only yesterday that I opened a post office box in College Park, Maryland to accept submissions for a new literary journal named Samsara: The Magazine of Suffering.    The year was 1993, and I was a student at the University of Maryland.  During my studies I came across the Buddhist concept of samsara, the continuous cycle of suffering and rebirth until one achieves enlightenment.  Of course, my twisted college brain immediately thought:  “Why wouldn’t that be wonderful!  A literary journal based on suffering!”

Well, maybe there was a  bit more to it than that.  After all, the official theme of the journal is artwork, poetry and fiction centered around suffering and healing, the latter being arguably far more important to us as human beings.

Through the years, the magazine’s reach has expanded (we’ve published writers from Africa, Canada, Mexico, France, Japan, and the United Kingdom), and my wonderful wife Lisa Flach-Fulcher joined the effort as the Managing Editor, vastly improving many of the day-to-day operations of the journal. 

Despite these changes, Samsara has remained true to form, only accepting works that emphasize the central theme of suffering and healing.  Beyond that, the magazine has no genre restrictions, and we’ve been amazed by the variety of ways that artists and writers have incorporated these themes into their submissions over the years.

We expected stories from cancer survivors, those recovering from addiction, and those mourning a lost love.  All these themes are critically important to Samsara.  But the creative spark will not be denied, and we received pleasantly unexpected new spins on suffering and healing as well.  Consider the suffering of an alien race slowly perishing due to a dying sun, or a vampire with dementia.  Consider a man plagued by the voice of a subway train that lures him to his death, or a paranoid individual convinced that fish live in his waterbed, giving him incurable insomnia.

All these ideas and more have appeared in Samsara’s pages, thanks to the ingenuity of our contributors.

Although we do not receive a lot of artwork, we always need art for the cover. The imagery of Samsara has changed throughout the years as well, so below we’ve presented some of the more interesting covers from our supporting artists.

Stay tuned, for in 2024 we plan to do something special for our 25th Issue!

Thank you to everyone that has joined on us on this publishing journey, and all of those interested in submitting in the future. Without you, there would be no Samsara Magazine.

Here’s to 30 more years!!


Lisa Flach-Fulcher, Managing Editor

R. David Fulcher, Editor