(a DPP micro interview)

I am R. David Fulcher.

DPP: Mr. Fulcher, we understand that Devil’s Party Press has published some of your work. and that, in 2021, you are going to publish an entire collection of short stories with them. Is that true?

RDF: Yes! It is a horror collection.

DPP: Well how did that happen?

RDF: I had a few stories published in the anthologies, and a lot of the audience liked my work, so we decided it would be a good fit for both of us to collect some of my scarier work. It’s going to be published in Fall of 2021 by the horror imprint, Gravelight Press.

DPP: When did you first begin writing?

RDF: In high school around age 15.

DPP: What author would you most like to be if you could be anyone (living or dead), and why?

RDF: Dean Koontz because of his talent creating eerie atmosphere and imagery.

DPP: Which DPP book is your favorite?

RDF: HP 2019, both because of its nice Halloween look and feel and the stories included within it.

DPP: Hey Mate, have you got a blog where I can follow you?

RDF: Yes! https://rdavidfulcher.com

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