Are you a late bloomer? I know I am. Sometimes being a late bloomer can feel like you’ve just spent your prior time being unsuccessful, or focusing on the wrong things. But that’s truly not the case. I remember my favorite of all the primary care docs I’ve ever had told me she had gone to medical school in her late 40s, early 50s, after her children were through college. She was a wonderful and compassionate GP who made house calls! And she was clearly actively engaged in a passion project (parenting) before she became a doctor, so why would anyone judge her as unsuccessful?

I’ve wanted to be a writer since elementary school, when I wrote plays. I began writing poetry in high school, but continued writing plays.


We’ve formally launched our sci-fi imprint, aptly titled Out-of-This-World Press. In the coming months we’ll be releasing our first two titles, and I could not be more excited to be bringing these fantastic works of fiction to market.

BALANCE OF FORTUNE is an epic work of science fiction that sees three worlds nearing the brink of war, with their salvation in the hands of one man who has been thrust into his rule by circumstances beyond his control. It’s written by Mel Lee Newmin whose body of work is beyond impressive. Mel’s online (and ongoing) story of Niles Gule, a vampire residing in Baltimore, is, for example, a must-read epic of its own. Be sure to check it out, and stay tuned for more details as BALANCE OF FORTUNE gets closer to its publication date later in 2021.

Speaking of prolific authors, David W. Dutton has written an intriguing tale entitled DNA (Do Not Ask). If you’ve ever considered dabbling with a DNA test kit to learn about your ancestry, this story will surely cause you to second-guess that decision. David’s first novel with DPP is the award-winning ONE OF THE MADDING CROWD, and we think you’ll find the writing in DNA to be every bit as compelling as that earlier title. David is also serializing a new novel on his website, so be sure to check it out while you await the arrival of DNA.

The Out-of-This-World Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages are now live. We plan to make these pages fun places to visit. More about the world of sci-fi and less about the hard sell. So please consider following/liking OOTW on these sites:


“Through the years, studies have found that readers of fiction tend to be more skilled in empathy. In a 2009 study, researchers showed that people exposed to fiction performed better¬†on an empathy test. The idea is that reading about other people helps us extend empathy to a wider circle.”
From “Five Things Worth Knowing About Empathy,” THE WASHINGTON POST, January 17, 2021.

Well, here @ DPP we’re very empathetic! That’s why we want to give you a 20% discount to use in our store! Find some captivating fiction to read, and increase your empathy!

Use code Empruary for some cool deals on fiction all February long!


So why not get one?

Did you have a poem, memoir, or short story published in 2020? How about an article, website, blog, or photograph? If so, you’re probably eligible for an award with the National Federation of Press Women (NFPW). It does not matter if you identify as female or not. All are eligible.

DPP is a member of, and has had great success with, NFPW, and so have our authors. It helps your writing and your applications for grants/retreats/etc. to have these on your resume.

Apply today!


(a DPP micro interview)

I am R. David Fulcher.

DPP: Mr. Fulcher, we understand that Devil’s Party Press has published some of your work. and that, in 2021, you are going to publish an entire collection of short stories with them. Is that true?

RDF: Yes! It is a horror collection.

DPP: Well how did that happen?

RDF: I had a few stories published in the anthologies, and a lot of the audience liked my work, so we decided it would be a good fit for both of us to collect some of my scarier work. It’s going to be published in Fall of 2021 by the horror imprint, Gravelight Press.

DPP: When did you first begin writing?

RDF: In high school around age 15.

DPP: What author would you most like to be if you could be anyone (living or dead), and why?

RDF: Dean Koontz because of his talent creating eerie atmosphere and imagery.

DPP: Which DPP book is your favorite?

RDF: HP 2019, both because of its nice Halloween look and feel and the stories included within it.

DPP: Hey Mate, have you got a blog where I can follow you?

RDF: Yes!



Submitting your novel-length work to DPP is easy.

We are always interested in well-written, character-driven works. Send us the following:

  1. One-page synopsis (up to 500 words) of the work being submitted.
  2. First 10-15 pages of the work being submitted; 12 pt New Times Roman, double-spaced.
  3. Copy of photo ID that confirms age requirement.

Send everything to Please allow up to eight weeks for a response. We try our best to respond in a timely fashion, but response time can vary depending on the number of active submissions we are reviewing at any given time. You are also welcome to submit your work elsewhere when submitting to DPP, but kindly let us know if it finds a home.

Note that we are not interested in stories that feature torture of people or animals, stories that condone hatred and violence, racist works, spiritual tales, or erotica.

We are NOT seeking memoir, poetry, romance, children, YA.


Some of us take a little longer.

Maybe we were raising kids, falling in love, saving the world.

Maybe we were stuck in a dead-end job, paying off college debt, or a car/house/marriage we never really wanted.

Maybe we were absolutely fine, but just still figuring out what we were about.

Now we know.

Why not give us a chance to show you?

Buy one of our books.

You get good reading, and you give us an opportunity to be.


Dave and I put another book to bed this week. Our third in the series of books I do with my Creative Writing class at University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

This time I was so lucky to have James Goodridge be a guest speaker in my class (part of the untold benefits of remote teaching). And then, as if that wasn’t enough, James was nice enough to write the introduction for the book.

And now the students have their work, in their names, on Amazon… forever. What a resume builder!

Thank you thank you thank you to Dave, without whom very little would be possible. He’s pretty epic himself.