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We are about to publish the 3rd book in the Charlotte Smart cosy mystery series.

& We have a video to help you decide if you might like to read the series:


When I was in college, and studying poetry, and writing a lot of my own poetry, I was lucky, because poetry was brought to me, weekly, a curated sampling of the best of the 1900s, brought to me by my teachers and fellow students.

Then I finally graduated that last time… and, for a bit, I sought it out on my own, but then trying to find poetry to discover became something I just didn’t have time for.

One of the most lovely perks of this enterprise is the poems. People just send them to me, their lovely moving poems.

I’ll direct you today to take a look at one of my favorite poets I have been surprised and lucky to encounter through DPP: Buffy Aakaash. Buffy’s poems satisfy my poetry cravings in exactly the correctly poignant way, for lack of a better description.

There’s a few to choose from here.

My Heart Now


Grief Moves Slow

And all are accompanied by Buffy’s rich voice reading them to you, so that you can hear the music of the poem in the same way that Buffy does.

If anyone’s making any money of off poetry, I don’t know who it is. But shouldn’t they be?

Thanks for these, Buffy.

OH! And Buffy is also going to be appearing in the Solstice anthology… coming soon, very soon.

In the meantime, you can also check out the prior version of Solstice, and give the ultimate lucky break to a writer, having the work read.

What makes you lucky?

Is Sunday Morning Breakfast About Eggs For You?

I remember when eggs were more expensive and precious than they are now. I have a Betty Crocker cookbook full of recipes that are “normal” or offer richer versions with extra eggs. Eggs mean the end to hunger, fertility, good luck, fullness, or even mistakes, as in you can’t make an omlette without breaking some eggs.

One of my favorite pieces from our current Instant Noodles is the piece “Sometimes an Egg,” by Alice Romano. It evokes so many thoughts and feelings for me; it’s satisfying, like an egg. I like mine sunny side up too.


… how there are some things we all like at the same time? I know I grew up with a lot of mid-century modern (MCM) furniture in my house because my mother was a young home-owner at the heighth of the craze, soMCM style was quite traditional and old school for me, and I found it homey. Then, bam! We turn the century and everyone seems to find it inviting all at the same time!
Marimekko is one of those timeless things. I always think of giant and cartoon-like pink flowers first when I think of Marimekko, but we all have a collective idea of what it is, and why we, almost universally, love it, and get the artistic “thing” of it.

Kresha Richman Warnock really likes it too. Why not read her charming and warm memoir The Marimekko Porch?



I feel so lucky that Edward has chosen us as one of the places he shares his work.

You can see one here and we’re lucky to have two pieces in the new issue of Instant Noodles. The riot of color in this one truly appeals to me when I’m feeling just flooded with a great mood.


What can love do? What can’t it do?

“He nodded and told her, “My granny always said it was a great honor to be visited by Miss Luna.  They only live seven days, you know, only out at night.   Scientists say their only function is to reproduce – they don’t even have mouths for eating.   But Granny said their purpose was Love, and to tell us that life is short and for living.   She said, too, that if they appear around the full moon, it’s to tell you that everything will be alright.   Tomorrow’s the full moon.”

Is Granny right? Are moths harbingers of love?

Get a sneak peak at the brand new Instant Noodles! Read “Miss Luna’s Visit.” Maggie Claypool, girl, you do write a good story!