Or were you square?

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DPP celebrated truly talented authors at a combined reading at the Lewes Library, followed by a combined books signing at Browseabout Books for books WHAT SORT OF FUCKERY IS THIS? and HALLOWEEN PARTY 2019.

This means that you, yes, you! Can get a signed copy… if you hurry to Browseabout today!

Dave and I were very humbled by how many of the authors went out of their way to come to both events. I think this showed that #1. DPP really means a lot to the authors who publish with us as we had writers from many other states attend, and #2 we do better with one or two large events /year as opposed to multiple events for each new piece. We plan to do the same in the future… have one big to-do per year, and hope as many of you as possible can attend. Thank you so much for sharing your work with us, and coming to present if you were able.

It is my sincere hope that DPP will do two things for all the authors who publish with us:

#1. Get you readers. I hope you find some people out there who love your work, and tell you about it!

#2. Someday… get you income. May we all live to see the day we make money writing!

It’s a rainy Sunday as I write this.

reeceIt’s the perfect day for reading your stories, poems, or memoirs, and I thank you for them. I have enjoyed them all (except that really scary one by Russell Reece,


and the other very scary one by

vegveryElizabeth Vegvery, and, well, you know who you are… ).

I really have to stop asking for horror stories so that I can get some sleep… without the lights on!