What? Halloween Party 2019 isn’t even cold yet and I’m already talking about the next anthology?


Our next anthology (publication date May 2020) is going to be a travel anthology.

THE LAST LONG DARK STRETCH OF ROAD marks our first entry into travel tales. We’re looking for stories of a wide variety of subject matter but that are grounded in reality. That is, your travel story should be something that could conceivably happen in real life. It can be funny, scary, sad, eerie, touching, thought-provoking, and etc. But it can’t take place on Mars in a dream in 1953, sorry. Nor can it be a travel in your brain to the 1800s, or an imagination of what Utopia would be like it you lived there.

I love travel stories; people who are skilled wordsmiths taking me to places they’ve seen but I’ve only dreamed about, or folks giving me the laugh track to their failed houseboat share with the cousins…

I love it all.

I hope you will consider submitting to this anthology. I think we do a pretty good job putting them together, and we really care about our authors.

And I think our authors know it.

dpp browse oct19Just look at how many showed up (from near and far) to the booksigning at Browseabout!

I love our writers, how creative and dedicated they are to their stories, and I hope to read their travel stories as well as something written by you too, and soon!