In January I emailed a bunch of poets who had allowed me to publish their poetry, and asked them if they would be interesting in forming a poetry collective, a thing where we could work together to promote and sell poetry, so that DPP could afford to publish poetry. MOST poetry chapbooks are published either by contests, or universities with large budgets, so that it doesn’t matter if the book sells or not. DPP can’t survive unless we sell books, so we had to find a different way to crack the nut.

I asked a lot of people who had writing I loved if they’d like to do something like that, and some of them decided to give it a try!

WHY did I choose them, instead of just putting out a call? Dave and I are a family (with our daughter), and so we tend to run DPP like a family business, and we like to offer any opportunities we have to people we already work with first, before we go find new people. That doesn’t mean we don’t want to find new people; it just means that once we publish you we try to promote you as much as possible. We would not have anything to publish without our authors, and we appreciate them.

If you’re interested in the folks who decided to roll the dice with us, visit their “about us” page.

You’ll find they’re great people, and great authors.