What’s a noir anthology?

It could be crime.

It could be the kind of story that would look perfect filmed in black and white.

It could be sexy.

It could be rough.

Someone’s going to die in this book.

Someone’s going to rip-off some old broads too.

That romance is doomed from the start.

I wouldn’t take that train if I were you.

The cops are dirty, and they’re out to take everyone down.

But who is really gonna take the fall?

Who’s gonna take that last, long, lonely walk?

Hard-Boiled and Loaded with Sin… CLICK HERE for the full book on Kindle Vella to read now on your phone for pennies a story.

Coming to paperback and eReaders in June.

Summer is hot, and so is the dark of night.

It’s the perfect time for noir.

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