SIX five-star reviews for HIBERNACULUM!

Did you know that, if you have ever had a book suggested to you by Amazon, they will not let publishers like us advertise that way until a book has fifteen five-star reviews? HIBERNACULUM is working its way there.

Often , people wonder what to write for a review. Honestly, it can be as simple as, “I’m glad I read this book.”
“This book made me think/laugh/feel better.
“I gave this to my brother and he loved it.”

It’s one thing to review a beauty product or a restaurant, but when you review a book, on Amazon, you can make a direct impact on that author’s life, forever changing it for the better. YOU could be review #15, and after that, the book can get found by so many more readers. YOU, little ‘ol you, can change an author’s life.

IF you add to the growing list of reviews for HIBERNACULUM, please email me:, because Anthony would like to write you a thank you, and maybe even chat with you, if you’d like to, live, about the book.

Thank you for making a difference in an author’s life. It means everything.

Have I convinced you to leave a review?
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