I don’t know what I was thinking, back when I decided that Dave and I were going to become publishers. Well, actually, I was thinking that Dave has already successfully done so for his graphic novels, so how hard could it be?

It turns out it is a lot of work, sweat-equity, money out of pockets, but even more than that, it is a lot of emotional labor, because Dave and I really want our authors to have a good experience, and for them to be successful, and sometimes we just can’t dance fast enough to get everything done as quickly as we’d like to do it. If we publish you, we may never meet you in person, but we try to act as if what we are publishing for you was written by us, and to treat you and the work as we would like ourselves and our work to be treated. I hope we succeed at that more often than we fail. We made one decision, about two years ago, not to publish anything we weren’t jazzed about, even if we thought it could be a successful book, and we’ve stuck to that, so if we’re publishing your work, you know we really like it and believe in it. We just don’t always have time to tell you how much.

So, as we wind down this year, we want you to know that we’re here, today, working for at least one of our clients or authors, and doing our very best.

And we want to say thank you for those of you who have trusted us with your writing, and for those of you who have hired us to edit or coach you. All of it helps us keep this little indie press going. And working with you, with authors, is a true pleasure for us, and we are grateful to you.

And we hope all authors will join us in being grateful to anyone who reads the stories, poems, novels we publish. Without our readers, we have nothing. So, if you have read something we have published, if you have come here and read Instant Noodles, you have given an author hope, and a reason to keep writing. Thank you so very much!

May you have a wonderful 2023 filled with good things to read, and dreams that come true.

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