… how there are some things we all like at the same time? I know I grew up with a lot of mid-century modern (MCM) furniture in my house because my mother was a young home-owner at the heighth of the craze, soMCM style was quite traditional and old school for me, and I found it homey. Then, bam! We turn the century and everyone seems to find it inviting all at the same time!
Marimekko is one of those timeless things. I always think of giant and cartoon-like pink flowers first when I think of Marimekko, but we all have a collective idea of what it is, and why we, almost universally, love it, and get the artistic “thing” of it.

Kresha Richman Warnock really likes it too. Why not read her charming and warm memoir The Marimekko Porch?