Well, I was just thrilled as hell to buy a t-shirt to support my absolute favorite podcast, Rabbits (I mean, seriously People, Rabbits!!!), and Dave and I thought, why not add some swag to our company, and give people a way to show they love our authors’ books and stories?

All month long we’ll be adding fun little shirts and hats and surprises to our shop. Why not pick one up as a holiday present for your favorite DPP author, or, better yet, your favorite DPP fan, or, even better yet, your favorite reader who has never even heard of us, and, like my favorite podcast (Rabbits! People!) you just have to tell them about us and our amazing writers!

I believe in the people we publish here. And I thank you so much for helping DPP publish each and every one of them. One day we hope to be able to say “Yes” to twice as many as we do now. We can get there, with you.

Thank you for helping us do something meaningful. Thank you for helping us to keep doing what we love to do, championing those second-act authors. We love you~