A reviewer for One of the Madding Crowd had this to say, “The novel went by in such a comfy and seamless manner that, as a reader, I found myself accepting and agreeing with some of the actions of the main character that should have shocked and upset me. But, no, I was complicit right along there with Marc Steadman. How did you do that to me David Dutton? I still don’t know.”

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A GOODREADS reviewer had this to say, “This is an enjoyable read! There are plenty of twists and turns that made me not want it put it down. It was particularly fun to read a book where the setting is in the local area (Delaware). I would recommend this book for readers who enjoy a local, historical fiction book.”

Marc decides that if his words have no power, his actions will. One thing he has been taught well by his upbringing is: protect your way of life first, and dare them to ask you to justify your actions. Who will blink first, Marc, or you?

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