I am looking for some folks who blog about books, mystery books, who would like to read a book before it is released, blog about it, and get a free copy of the book.The author I want to tell you about is William Crandell.

Bill is a Vietnam Vet in USA who writes historical and hardboiled detective fiction featuring WWII veteran Jack Griffin. Griffin’s books primarily take place in Washington DC, where Bill lived for a time and did extensive research, so his books are very accurate.

For myself, I am a real Raymond Chandler nut, and Bill’s books have the same wit and style.

Bill has won state arts grants for his writing, and just last year his short story “The Last Lootenant Wins His Fucking Medal” won national short story of the year. Bill’s first book in the series, “Let’s Say Jack Kennedy Killed the Girl” is coming out this summer.

You can read excerpts of it (there is only one currently but there will be more) on his blog, and see if you’d be interested in reading the whole book. If this interests you, and you want to help Bill, please shoot me an email through Bill’s blog.


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