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Once upon a time I used a typewriter. I am nostalgic for that time, but sometimes it’s better to “grow” with the flow and improve. Typewriters have their place, but smart people have discovered easier ways of doing things.

Smart people… do you know any?

We do.

We’ve been working really hard on ourselves @ DPP so that we can grow and be better publishers for our authors. We don’t say typewriters are bad, not at all, but we can be better, more efficient, more author-focused. And to do that, we decided to spend this year “off” asking smart people for help.

You may well be curious about our smart people, and we are glad of that. We don’t want to hide them. We want to share them with you. You can find our smart people here, and here. These are people and organizations who, every day, help us be better publishers.

Thank you, dear friends and advisors. We so appreciate all you do for us.