We are so happy to announce that our company and our authors took home a lot of awards this year from the Delaware Press Awards (DPA)!

ADULT FICTION: DPP authors take three!

First place award to Judith Speizer Crandell for her novel The Woman Puzzle.

Second place to Mark Alan Polo for his novel, Mosquitoes and Men.

Honorable Mention (posthumously) to David Sturm for Welcome to Breezewood.

SHORT STORY: DPP authors take three!

First-place award to William Crandell for his story “The Last Lootenant Wins His Fuckin’ Medal” in What Sort of Fuckery Is This?

Third place to Dianne Pearce for her short story “Mary Wu” in Halloween Party 2019.

Honorable Mention to Judith Speizer Crandell for her short story “How the Fuck Are You?” in What Sort of Fuckery Is This?


DPP was awarded first place for the editing of Halloween Party 2019.


Lastly we took home 2nd 3rd, and honorable mention for book design for The Woman Puzzle, Charlotte, and Welcome to Breezewood.

We are so gratified to have done so well again this year, and we owe it all to our wonderful authors; thank you all!

One last note… we love the DPA awards, but we are so global now in our scope that few of our authors are eligible. We are always looking for other awards publishers can submit work to, so we ask that if you know of any, send them our way!

We want our authors noticed and awarded! We love our writers!



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