womanrevisedWiping tears from my eyes on this chilly Sunday morning as I just finished editing THE WOMAN PUZZLE.

The book begins in New Jersey, and ends up in beautiful Puget Sound. Anne begins in childhood with a terrible scream as her father is suddenly and irrevocably gone, and ends in herself, full, complete, realized.

It’s a beautiful book for anyone who is interested in emotional growth, romance (there’s a good love story here), family, the ties that bind, and the ties we tie ourselves with: love.

Judith Speizer Crandell has done all the work of this puzzle for you, no need to dig through the box looking for the corner pieces, and you will be transported by the story of Anne, and THE WOMAN PUZZLE.

Release Date: DECEMBER 1, 2019.

Book signing: December 7th 4-6 pm @ Browseabout Books