author-sturmIt is with great sadness that we announce the loss of our most recently published author, David Sturm.

Though we did not know David personally, we did know his sister, Diane, as she is in Milton, and gives art lessons to our daughter. We thought it was funny when she, Diane, asked us, Dave and Dianne, if we would look at her brother, David’s novel.

I read it in January of this year, and sent him a contract right away, asking if we could put it out next year.

Then, in May, Diane let us know his health had taken a turn from normal to very bad, and we started working on his book in haste.

David was able to read and edit the book through the publishing process with us, and I understand that he was very happy with the outcome. We are so pleased that he was able to sign a copy for us.

breezewood-projectspageI feel that, had David not died, there were more books in him. Welcome to Breezewood is a wonderful read, full of imagination, purpose, twists, and value. I think we are so lucky that David was among us while he was, and so very fortunate he left us with this wonderful book to enjoy.

David Sturm Obit

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