IMG_4101…and with the help of the world’s most glamorous bookseller, sold some books at Indie Lit 2018. We also sold our first DPP t-shirts. The shirts, BTW, are pretty awesome. Almost as good as the books….

Frostburg is not close to us. I thought, Maryland, I know where that is; it’s right there….

Ha. Not Frostburg.

There were about 15 presses there. We heard a wonderful poet read. Her name was Patricia Jabbeh Wesley. I liked her right away.

We at dinner at the Princess Restaurant. It was tasty, and was once visited by President Truman; that’s right, Harry S.


We were quiet, and we learned things.

And one thing I want to pass on is this:

Often writers who have not hit the big time do not have a lot of money to spend.

If that is you, do, though, save your money, and go to festivals like these (when they are close by, not hell-and-gone!) and buy a book. One book, from one bookseller.

Why? You want to be read. So do other people. Pass the random act of hearing another’s words around. Support small presses and independent authors. Just because some agent or some editor at a big press hasn’t picked you, or these other writers, up, doesn’t mean they’re not good authors. All those “big” agents and big press editors, they’ve all been cut from the same cloth, BA or MA English programs in elite schools, taught to like and look for the same, the same, the same, over and over.

You are not the same. And neither are we. That’s why we should get-together.

We also saw a bird at the aquarium on the way home…