It was a bit surreal to tune in to WGMD on the morning of May 23 for “Out & About Wednesdays” and hear Bob Steele interview two members of our crew. Bob is a fantastic radio host and a terrific interviewer and we felt that Mark and Di did a terrific job explaining not only how DPP took its name but also in answering what we do and why we do it. These, as you may or may not know, are two of the fundamental questions any business needs to be able to answer with absolutely certainty. And if you think the answer to “why we do it” it “to make money” then you’ve probably never been a small press publisher before.

By now you’re probably kicking yourself for having missed the radio interview, but fear not, for you’ll find the entire recording HERE. Check it out to gain some insights into the small press world, and to hear a some really great, spontaneous humor from Bob and his DPP guests. We’re indebted to Bob Steele for his kindness and support of DPP, and we look forward to chatting with him again soon. If you’re a WGMD listener, be sure to drop them a note of thanks for supporting small press.

Lastly, we’d also like to invite you to take a look at our catalog. It’s small, but growing bit by bit..

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Until next time…

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