As we approach the middle of 2018 (how on Earth is that even possible?) we realize there’s a lot to think about. First is our roadmap for the remainder of the calendar year. I won’t lie, it’s ambitious. Ambitious in that we’re a small, grass-roots start-up. However, we’re excited about our upcoming releases and determined to see everything through.

First up is AURORA, our summer anthology for which we are currently accepting submissions. It’s scheduled to publish in July.

Next is David Dutton’s fascinating novel, ONE OF THE MADDING CROWD, due out this fall. Later still is MOSQUITOES AND MEN, the debut novel by Mark Alan Polo.

Lastly, in November, we’ll be presenting our final anthology for 2018. Watch for news about the theme and the submissions guidelines on or around June 1.

In the next few weeks, we’ll begin fleshing out our 2019 roadmap. While it’ll be sure to include at least two literature anthologies, we’re still not sure about the longer works that we plan to present. We’ll likely be opening submissions up for novels over the summer, so check our Submissions page often for updates. Because we’re small, the number of manuscript submissions will be limited.

Meanwhile, for an idea of the types of stories we like, be sure to check our trilogy of anthologies, available from these merchants…

amazon_23163 barnes-noble.jpg

Time to get back to work. We’re not paying our staff to stand around and look handsome.

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