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The character of Charlotte is based on my older sister. She’s no longer with us, but I hope I did her proud, and I am so grateful to all of you who like her fiesty, independent personality!

Love Stan~


We’re Devil’s Party Press. We began in 2017 as a way to publish the writing of a small writing group we managed and hosted in our home. We soon realized we wanted to publish more authors, and more genres. To that end…

…we’re also Out of This World Press, where we publish sci-fi and speculative (and even a little fantasy is on the horizon) like the riveting and unusual new book HIBERNACULUM by Anthony Doyle.

We’re also Hawkshaw Press, where we publish hardboiled and cozy mysteries, like the amazing hardboiled novel, LET’S SAY JACK KENNEDY KILLED THE GIRL.. and Stan Charnofsky’s CHARLOTTE SMART series.

We’re huge horror fans, and for this reason we launched Gravelight Press. Having trouble staying awake at night? Gravelight Press can help! Start your horror journey with one of our award-winning HALLOWEEN PARTY anthologies, featured at the horror event, Horrorgasm, and available on Kindle and in Paperback! Watch for our new classic horror series: great old stories with new art and informative introductions!

And now we’ve really gone and done it! Through an amazing cooperation between us and some authors we love, we’re launching a poetry imprint. Old Scratch Press (OSP) is starting from scratch, and going to see what a group of people who love poetry and short form writing can do to bring it to the world. You can follow OSP from scratch, and watch as we develop our sense of self as a place to publish poetry (not an easy thing to do) and appreciate poetry. You can also follow and have a front row seat to the “science experiment” of a shared mission as it unfolds. It’s not the 1960s anymore, can a collective make it work?

I guess they say that most small businesses don’t make it past year one. And then, the ones that hang on, sometimes they hit a tipping point, and they begin to grow.

Over the years since we began, we (Dianne and Dave) have given our blood, sweet, tears, and quite substantial editing and design hours to our authors over and over again. Yes, we always need another week on that project. But we were so excited about it! We cannot wait to see the book in print, and to read it again, and again! And we love giving authors a chance to reach someone with their words. All we all want, all authors, are readers. And as we grow, we’re finding a way to give more opportunities. Some as editors/curators of collections, and some as artist/illustrators. We love late bloomers! We’re (fairly) late bloomers! And if you want to find out about the kind of late bloomers folks like us hang out with, you can see them here. It’s true, they’re my favorite people.

Follow us for great writing, free stuff, interviews with authors, and publishing opportunities too, and we have an account for all submissions through Duotrope. If there’s nothing available currently, check back. We’re dancing as fast as we can.

How’s about you? You look like you could use to put down your phone and pick up a book. Have I got a book for you!