Are you prepared for it?

DPP is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of HIBERNACULUM, an original sci-fi novel by Anthony Doyle. Set in the not-too-distant-future, HIBERNACULUM will take you to a world where human hibernation has become a common occurrence. 

For the affluent: it’s the equivalent of a luxury holiday, or a way to sleep through recovery from cosmetic surgery.

For the sick: it’s a place to rest and wait for a cure.

For the activists: it’s a way to decrease their carbon footprint.

For the rest of us: it’s a means of surviving in a world that has grown too costly: give yourself to the Hibernaculum for six months; sublet your apartment to a newly awakening sleeper. Doyle’s ambitious novel is filled with intrigue and mystery, while simultaneously commenting on the world that may exist tomorrow.

HYBERNACULUM is the very definition of a page turner, and a novel that will stay with you long after you’ve finished it. Arriving in July via our sci-fi imprint, Out-of-This-World Press.

Preorder now to receive a limited bonus item available only during the preorder period, and only through DPP, your very own Hibernaculum brochure detailing all the spa-options and choices for a sleeper like yourself!

~Would you hibernate? 

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