Dave and I agree, our lives would not be as loving, interesting, or rich without the LGBTQ+ people we have been fortunate enough to have in our lives. And certainly not as colorful!

Pride Month! We love you. We hope we do a good job of valuing Pride all year!

For this year’s Pride I was thinking about probably the first time I ever knew there were people who were gay, when I read Rita Mae Brown’s classic, RUBYFRUIT JUNGLE.

I read it when I was about 11 or 12. It was also when I was reading ANNE FRANK: DIARY OF A YOUNG GIRL, and MY DARLING MY HAMBURGER, and RUMBLEFISH: you get the idea (it’s why teens of my age loved Pink Floyd: we were depressed). I don’t remember the book well, I must admit, but I do remember that I liked it. I see now, when I read reviews, it is either 5* or 0*. Some folks say the main character was strong and struggled against the tides, some say she was a poor excuse for a lesbian, and into incest, which I don’t remember about the book. I do remember that she had a horrible mother, and I “felt” her on that. They say it’s a classic at the same time as it is banned today. I don’t have much stake in whether or not one particular reader likes one particular book, but I don’t think we should be banning any of them.

Have you read RUBYFRUIT JUNGLE? Do you give it a 5 or a 0?

One more book I want to point out is by my new favorite TIK TOK or YouTube video person, Mercury Stardust, AKA The Trans Handy Ma’am.

Mercury, may I call her Mercury? Hell yes, we’re old friends! She is one of the most enjoyable people I feel like I’ve met. I love her videos, and I want her to teach me how to do eye makeup, and home repair. She’s great, and I’m gonna buy a copy of this book as soon as I finish typing.

Do you know Mercury?

Here’s a video:

Happy Pride World! You don’t have to be LGBTQ+ to love someone LGBTQ+, and I love a bunch! Love is love, and can’t be stopped, but it can be stomped, so be an ally, during pride and all life long!

Thank you to all our LGBTQ+ friends for making our lives warmer and happier!


Dianne & Dave too


Our great friend, (one of our) favorite poet, and web designer Buffy Aakash (you’ve seen his work in Instant Noodles and Solstice: A Winter Anthology, has a book out! It’s incredibly lovely to look at, and the poetry inside is moving and important.

AND HEY! After you buy the book, leave Buffy a review on Amazon. Here is your review, all figured out for you:

This is a moving book of poetry that I am glad I bought/gave as a gift/read.

Plus give it 5 stars.

That is ALL it takes to make a writer’s life significantly better! DO it! 🙂
Who is buying poetry? Only the best people! You be one of them!!!

In addition to the book, Buffy is also a gifted author web-designer. If you need a website for your writing enterprise (and Honey, you do!) Buffy is the person we @ DPP recommend whole-heartedly. He is creative, kind, sensitive to his clients’ needs, and affordable. He’s been in this business for decades, so Buffy can give you amazing insight as well.

We really want DPP to be all about our authors, and Buffy is one of our family. We didn’t publish his book (we don’t yet do poetry, or we would have!), but we highly recommend it. And look how beautiful it is! I can just see you meeting a friend for a holiday brunch and sliding this beautiful book over to him/her with just a simple ribbon tied around it.

And get yourself a website! Make this your New Years’ resolution! You have to spend some money on your writing enterprise, and Buffy is DPP-approved. And you get a website crafted by a poet… Lucky you!

Happy Holidays and congratulations Buffy!


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