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we were before waring

Congratulations to OLD SCRATCH PRESS founding member Robert Fleming, whose poem “we were before waring,” featured in impspired was a Delaware Press Award winner.


we were before waring

we wore hair keratin like baboons &
knocked our chests like gorillas

we wore skin like zebras &
bent-over to water like wilder-beasts

we wore muscle like lions &
paw swatted flies like bears

we wore bones like swine &
dug dirt worms like robins

we wore blood like falcons &
taloned on branches like pigeons

we wore fig leaves like chameleons &
hide motionless like a rat out-preying an ambush snake

you named us Adam & Eve
we were before words


Congratulations to OLD SCRATCH PRESS founding member Morgan Golladay, whose poem “The Day Arose Cold, featured in Solstice, was a Delaware Press Award winner.


The Day Arose Cold

The sun rose
into a pink sky, 
to gain strength
before entering this frozen day.
Yesterday’s snow
is untrodden
by the small ones,
searching for food.
Even squirrels
have forsaken their branches
for warmth and safety
in their leafy nests.
Would that I, too, could stay,
snug and cozy,
but there is snow to move,
feed to put out,
animals to tend.


Milton, DE – May 15, 2021: Mosquitoes and Men, the debut novel by Mark Alan Polo, is a finalist in the 2021 Eric Hoffer Book Awards competition. Published by Devil’s Party Press of Milton, DE, Polo’s Southern Gothic novel centers around family secrets that are unveiled during a funeral gathering in South Carolina.

Mr. Polo is an award-winning interior designer and owner of The Urban Dweller. He is a frequent contributor to the Rehoboth Beach Designer Show House event. In addition to Mosquitoes and Men, Polo’s work has appeared in numerous literary anthologies.

“Mark is an extremely talented writer whose stories are filled with complex, often flawed, characters. His work is multi-layered—there’s always more happening than what first appears on the surface. We’re delighted that Mark’s work has been recognized by the Hoffer Book Award judges,” said DPP publisher Dianne Pearce.

Each year, thousands of books are submitted to the Eric Hoffer Book Award competition, which honors the memory of American philosopher Eric Hoffer. Less than 10% of the nominees become finalists. The award recognizes outstanding writing and the independent spirit of small publishers. Since its inception, the Hoffer Award has become one of the largest international book awards for small, academic, and independent presses.

Mosquitoes and Men is available via bookstores, Amazon, and the Devil’s Party Press online store.

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The newest volume in the EPIC book project with HBCU: University of Maryland Eastern Shore is now available as a free Kindle download from May 16-20, 2021.

This 132-page collection is 100% written by college students, and is chock-full of wonderful fiction and poetry from the UMES creative writing students. Support a great group of young people by downloading a copy and dropping a review on Amazon for them. As writers know, seeing your name in a published book for the first time is … amazing!

Thanks so much for supporting the EPIC project and its contributors.


As you know, we, in some extraordinary foresight, took a hiatus for 2020 to work on growing the number of readers for our authors. During that time period, Dave, my partner in crime, finished his MBA. Between the two of us we now have 5 hard-earned degrees, in addition to over 50 years combined experience in editing, publishing, and nurturing creative writing.

I can tell you that Dave worked extremely diligently on his degree, usually every weekend and two-three nights each week. He was top of his class, and he learned a lot about how to market, something every author needs to take a look at in addition to any publisher the writer may work with.

This is all part of our commitment to be the best choice for your publisher, and the best choice for your bookshelf.

Congratulations Dave; I could not do this without you, and thank you for sharing the dream, and working so hard and consistently to fulfill it.