Humans adapt. It’s what we do and why we’ve managed to survive generation upon generation.

The latest global pandemic has, if nothing else, shown that many among us can, in fact, work virtually, full-time without any noticeable loss in production or quality. To this end, Skype, Teams, WebEx, and numerous other video conferencing platforms have been proved to be more essential than ever before. Probably none more so than Zoom.

If you haven’t been in a Zoom meeting in the past ~400 days, then consider yourself lucky. To those of us who have been less fortunate, we present to you “Final Zoom Meeting” by Robert Fleming. It’s quite possible that after reading Mr. Fleming’s piece, you may never want to log into a teleconference again.

We hope you enjoy.


Have you read all of the first issue of Instant Noodles?

If you have, you’ve seen “Curious Knots,” the short story by Steve Saulsbury.

As soon as our reviewers read this story they knew we had to have it. It’s the kind of story, as a publisher, you wish you could have show up over and over, in different forms.

It has the feeling of a poem, and a perfect sense of place. I can see the whale; I can feel the wet cardigan.

If you haven’t read this story yet, what are you waiting for?


Welcome to HARDBOILED AND LOADED WITH SIN, the new anthology series by Hawkshaw Press. First issue drops 2022.

Here’s the deets:

Fiction only.

Short stories 1500-7,500 words. If yours is longer send us a query @ publisher at Devil’s Party Press dot com.

12 pt New Times Roman, double-spaced.

Authors over 40 only.

Submit everything through our Duosuma page as a Word or Pages file.

FEE: 10 bucks

PAYMENT: All authors selected for publication receive a one-time royalty of 25 bucks, a copy of the anthology, and our semi-undying love.

See HAWKSHAW to submit.


Have you tried out Instant Noodles?

Today I’d like to direct you to a piece by Bill Crandell. Bill’s a really interesting guy, Vietnam vet, PhD in history, adoptive father, novelist, retired speech writer from DC by way of Ohio. Last year he won best short story nationally. Bill typically writes crime dramas from the Beltway, but this piece is memoir, straight from Bill’s soul to yours.

What are you doing with your lunch hour? Why not give it a try?


You’ve come to the right place.

One of our best authors has begun the serialization of “Fear Thy Neighbor.” Not only will you get to read it for free, but you’ll learn all about this spine-tingling writer….

By reading this story you release Devil’s Party Press from all medical claims of heart-attacks, lost sleep, and the like.

Read at your own risk. You have been warned.


I am looking for some folks who blog about books, mystery books, who would like to read a book before it is released, blog about it, and get a free copy of the book.The author I want to tell you about is William Crandell.

Bill is a Vietnam Vet in USA who writes historical and hardboiled detective fiction featuring WWII veteran Jack Griffin. Griffin’s books primarily take place in Washington DC, where Bill lived for a time and did extensive research, so his books are very accurate.

For myself, I am a real Raymond Chandler nut, and Bill’s books have the same wit and style.

Bill has won state arts grants for his writing, and just last year his short story “The Last Lootenant Wins His Fucking Medal” won national short story of the year. Bill’s first book in the series, “Let’s Say Jack Kennedy Killed the Girl” is coming out this summer.

You can read excerpts of it (there is only one currently but there will be more) on his blog, and see if you’d be interested in reading the whole book. If this interests you, and you want to help Bill, please shoot me an email through Bill’s blog.



Were you a member of the FB group and publisher Sweety Cat Press (SCP)? This wonderful group was doing its level-best to promote authors and get publishing out there, and it is folding because it is soooo difficult (absent a college to pay your way) to keep a small press going.

Here @ DPP we have three imprints (Sci Fi, Horror, and Mystery/Detective) in addition to our straight-up literary arm (DPP) and, premiering later this month, our new online magazine (Instant Noodles). We pay a royalty for anthology pieces we accept for the printed books; we don’t charge authors of full-length works for editing or promotion or submission fees for contests, and we pay them royalties 2x/year. We work really hard at getting writers out there. And our submission pile is growing rapidly. Subscribe to our newsletter so you get updates on opportunities to publish.
And consider buying a book.

I can well-understand that SLC @ SCP can no longer do this. It is amazing he did it so long. So do, please consider buying a book from a small press for that next Xmas or birthday gift, or to read yourself:

****even if you are not in it.****

It is the only way small presses survive to bring you more publication opportunities. We are not making a living at this. It is a mission, and we cannot do it without the occasional purchase that is simply because you want to read, or give as a gift, good writing.

We are so sorry to lose SCP and that great community, but so lucky to have been a small part of it.

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