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Bill is an indie author with an indie press who wrote one-helluva hard-boiled mystery, so he can use all the reviews he can get to help people find out about this wonderful book. He has been called the successor to Raymond Chandler by some reviewers, and they’re not exaggerating.

But, review or not, you can have it, no strings attached. We want you to have the book, and to enjoy it, on us, as a way to say “Thanks!” So get your free copy today!

It didn’t occur to me then that Kennedy was rich. All I saw was this skinny, unassuming guy with a New England accent. His suit hung on his bones as though he were still recovering from the South Pacific, but his grin was a Steinway piano. Kennedy had the kind of charm that made you like him even when he was winning the girl you wanted. How do you outmaneuver a romancer like that?


This is a great story in The Washington Post. Click here to see it. The WAPO costs like $5/month too; you might consider a subscription. I love mine. But… back to the point:

The man who took this photo, Jim Roberts, is looking for this woman, and one other, to thank them for bringing a bright spot to his life when he was on his tour of duty in Vietnam. YOU might know who these women are. Pass this article around, and maybe you can help Jim find these “donut dollies.”

In addition to that, he has a self-published book of his time in the war. that is used to fund the Veterans’ Breakfast Club. Pick up a copy of his book, and you will be donating your entire purchase to this veterans’ group!

We can never thank veterans enough for their sacrifice, so all these little things help!