Looking for a terrifying horror read to get you through the weekend?

Check out the DRUMMING FOR THE DEAD series by Gabby Gilliam!


Just like vampires cannot live without blood and a place to lay-low during the day, authors cannot live without reviews on Amazon. So read the books and give Gabby those five stars you know she deserves!

You can get both books in the series right now for less than the price of a Starbucks, or a McDonald’s anything, and have great horror for your whole weekend. It’s too freaking hot to go out anyway. Stay inside and read something scary!

Leave Gabby a review, and I’ll send you a PDF of the Gravelight book of your choice!

A hot weekend full of zombies. In the words of Walter Sobchak, “If you will it, it is no dream.”

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Copy of the page showing the start of Ben Talbot's short story. The image shows the first paragraph of Ben's story, and the Instant Noodles' header.

“I had the balls to ask my father what happened to my mother.”

What a way to start a story!

Ben Talbot is not new to writing, but he is new to sharing his writing. I think you’ll really enjoy Ben’s style of writing, and I am betting we’re going to see a lot more of his writing.

Take a read of Waldenland and let us know what you think.


Screenshot of the cover of Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury..Shows a small boy against a yellow background.

Ray Bradbury was a talented author, and, in many ways, my introduction into a genre called sci fi. In the 1970s sci fi felt like a new thing, but I think it has always been with humans, even from the time when stories were scratched into cave walls.

DANDELION WINE was one of my favorites. I remember how much I wanted to try to make wine from dandelions, which I had a long-standing love for, and still do. I remember how hot it was in this book, and in the 1970s, people with blue-collar parents, like me, didn’t have air conditioning. We had one huge window unit in the dining room of our twin brick house in Ridley Park, and my brother and I used to rush to sit directly in front of it, even though it meant being smushed up against the wall, and, really, too cold, as the air came out with frosty blasts, but in the summer heat in a tiny twin brick house, on a tiny nowhere street, icy was better than hot.

In DANDELION WINE it is the summer the main character, a young pre-teen fellow named Douglas, comes to realize that he is mortal, and that the time will come when summer won’t mean long days with nothing to do. It’s a book that is bittersweet, as Douglas learns that a time of year, a glorious season like summer, can be both lovely and sad, and real danger can be hiding around the corner, and that life is truly unpredictable, but also always ends the same way.

This would be on my summer sci fi reading list. What’s on yours?

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If you do, read SOLSTICE: A WINTER ANTHOLOGY free on Kindle Unlimited (KU).

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Like hardboiled?

Get the novel that won the national awards: LET’S SAY JACK KENNEDY KILLED THE GIRL on KU for free, or download to your phone/tablet/computer starting Monday, March 27th, until March 31, on our FREE BOOK promotion! And look at all those 5-star reviews on Amazon! Read it now and get ready for next in the series: IF ONLY TRUMAN WERE DEAD drops this summer!

But, you say, “I want something scary!”

Why not meet James Goodridge’s monsters in HALLOWEEN PARTY? Also free for KU subscribers, or only a little over a buck to buy!! All treat, and no trick! What’s a matter? Not scared are you? We promise to keep you up all night!

Looking for a thriller? The book you just cannot put down? Look no further!

Try GLASS ONION, an espionage ride that will have you clinging onto the top of a suspension bridge, praying not to drop….

Earth too boring for you?

Conquer new worlds without losing your balance with the sci-fi great: BALANCE OF FORTUNE. Also free for KU subscribers, and also running a free Kindle download promotion for non-subscribers: Monday, March 27th, until March 31!


We GOT you with FIVE (5) totally free issues of art and prose and poetry and memoir on INSTANT NOODLES, and we MEAN INSTANT! Just CLICK, and you’re there!

THANK YOU for giving an indie author a bit of your time, for being a reader. It means a lot all of us authors to know someone is reading.

It means everything.

Much love~ from DPP and all our authors and artists



Anthony Doyle has a novel, Hibernaculum, coming out in the spring of 2023 from Out of This World Press. Anthony is a very strong and talented author and off-beat in just the way I like off-beat. He has a story in the current Instant Noodles, poetry in the current Solstice, and a story in last summer’s Instant Noodles as well.

Hibernaculum is a story about man’s quest to improve life through periodic periods of hibernation, like bears. What could be an easier way to lower your own carbon footprint? Just take a long and very restful nap. You’ll slim down too!

Check out Solstice

or “The Stoic”

or “Shark Fishing”

or “Sam Bakki,”

and get ready for Hibernaculum, all written by Anthony Doyle, an Irish guy living in Brazil.


Anyone who knows me well has heard me rave about Tom Robbins. One story that I especially like about him is that, along the path of his career, he found drumming. Like Ringo, drumming, but more like a drum circle sort of drumming, as I understand it.

So why drumming?

If you know Robbins you know he is a slow writer. He’s not cranking out a book a year, and he is, for me, perilously old now… meaning I might not get another book out of him.

Robbins, one of the most unique writers ever, uses drumming to help him find the music and rhythm in his writing, and also to fight procrastination. When the mind wanders, as Robbins’ mind surely must, the drumming helps him refocus on his writing.

What can you do with a writing coach? You can meet, as often, weekly, or as little, every other month, as you like, but when you meet with me you will have to hand over some of your writing: a page, a chapter… you’re going to get there. We can work on your schedule; we can read your work to each other to check on the music and rhythm in your writing; we can try exercises; we can craft your online author presence. I help you give your writing the time, grace, and respect it needs, and I make you accountable so that you finish your damn novel. Robbins has a dozen books. That is not enough for me, and I wish he had more. Those books have gotten me through some dark nights, and some long days. Who is waiting for your book? Who will you rescue from a long dark night with your story?

Coaching is so reasonable and so worth it. For $50/hour, and you can split that into 2 half hour meetings if you like, you get editing, planning, encouragement, a clear head, and the friendship you need to get your book done. When you’re Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas, I can help you wake up and get to the keyboard. And it’s my favorite thing to do, after reading Tom Robbins, that is.

BTW, late bloomers, did you know Robbins was just on the cusp of 40 when he published his first book? And it took him 2 years to write it?

And did you know that all coaching inquiries come with a free hour-long Zoom meeting to talk about what you want and if coaching is right for you?

If you really want to be a writer, and you have an idea, or many ideas, but you just don’t know if you can do it… if you just don’t know if you are an author, but you want to be, coaching can get you there.

Good luck with your book~

Much love~ Dianne, possessor of an MA and an MFA, writing teacher and encourager for over 20 years, and Tom Robbins’ #1 fan. My favorite book: Still Life With Woodpecker.

Find out all about coaching, shoot me an email (dianne@devilspartypress.com) or fill out the nice form Dave made.


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