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What a great little resource this is. Isn’t it wonderful how some sites offer so much for no charge at all?
We buy copyright for all of our single-book authors, and it is important to have, and our pleasure to provide.

As an offshoot of this topic, I am often asked by authors if they can republish with a publisher something they have self-published on the web, or stuck on Wattpad, things like that. The short answer is no, at least not with us. Publishers want new content, not ABC (already been chewed) content. If people have been reading it for free, publishers usually do not then want to try and sell that. So, think about that. Building your readers and your brand, you may decide to give some of yourself away for free, and that’s not a bad thing to do, but keep the stuff you want to try to sell a publisher on private, until you’ve found your publisher. AND, what if you see many other people writing in the same genre and the idea is close to yours and so why is yours better???

Yours should be tasty for a publisher because it is better: it has that spark: talent. How do you get talent? Well, some folks can dance, and some folks can dance. (You do not want to see me dance….) Everyone is not going to have talent, and everyone is not going to get to “publisher-good.” That doesn’t mean your writing won’t be loved by thousands when you self-publish. Readers are not necessarily as choosy as publishers. But, if you have a certain something, a good editor can help you push your own envelope, and fan those sparks into a full-on fire. Something to think about.

Great information from the Copyright Alliance, in any case. Keep writing, and be safe with your writing. Good luck~

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