Solstice: A Winter Anthology
[volume 2]

$ 10.95

Featuring a unique collection of authors, Solstice: A Winter Anthology is a compelling read from cover to cover.


The winter solstice is coming, and with it, our 2022 Solstice anthology: SOLSTICE: A WINTER ANTHOLOGY [volume 2] gathers together a veritable blizzard of talent, a snowstorm of show-stopping authors, an ice storm of insightful creators. All packaged between a beautifully illustrated wraparound cover suitable for framing.


  • Introduction by Dianne Pearce
  • The Breath of Winter by Morgan Golladay
  • Tinsel by Lisa Short
  • Heat by Jane Fitzgerald
  • Shower by Jane Fitzgerald
  • When I Was a Child by Jane Fitzgerald
  • The Colorful Goodbye by Maggie Claypool
  • Late December by Anthony Doyle
  • Blundra’s Anatomy by Anthony Doyle
  • Blundra Abides by Anthony Doyle
  • Fish Dinner by Katharine Valentino
  • Ice Fog by Morgan Golladay
  • Absolution by Morgan Golladay
  • The Day Arose Cold by Morgan Golladay
  • December Mist by Morgan Golladay
  • The Longest Shortest Day by Mary Beth Romeo
  • A Winter Welcome by Lynn Aprill
  • New Year’s COVID Eve by Lynn Aprill
  • Winter Scene by Lynn Aprill
  • A Little Christmas by Kim DeCeccio
  • Hibernation by Buffy Aakaash
  • On Lake Washington: The Duck by Buffy Aakaash
  • The Christmas Stockings by Mary Salome
  • Soups (A Lost Book of the Bible) by Robert Fleming
  • not stopping by roadkill on Route 66 by Robert Fleming
  • Benvenuti, tutti! by Alan Bern
  • Jack Frost by Bri Gonzalez
  • If You Were Still Here for Winter by Bri Gonzalez
  • Bitter by Bri Gonzalez
  • My Favorite Company Christmas Party by John Johnson
  • Dead Week by John Johnson
  • The Eagles Mere Toboggan Run by Virginia Watts
  • Winter Sestina by R. David Fulcher
  • The Dead of Winter by William F. Crandell
  • Don’t Deny Yourself the Pleasure by Colin James
  • Discontent in the Planet Props Department by Colin James
  • Students of the Subterranean by Colin James
  • The Visionary Company by William Doreski
  • Sheltering in Ourselves by William Doreski
  • Winter Weasel Afoot by William Doreski
  • Arctic Circle Sestina by Annie Percik
  • Desperately Seeking Spirit by Stephanie Cassatly
  • Coda by Morgan Golladay
  • Chocolate Chip Pancakes by Christian Fitzgerald
  • All the Leaves Are Brown by Gabby Gilliam
  • Winter Wardrobe by Gabby Gilliam
  • At Least Our Hearts Were Warm by Gabby Gilliam
  • Contributor Bios

Buy one to read. Buy one for a friend or loved one. Destined to become a keepsake you’ll want to pull off the shelf every holiday season and re-read.

Book specifications:

144 pages
6 x 9 trade format
$10.95 US

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