The newest volume in the EPIC book project with HBCU: University of Maryland Eastern Shore is now available as a free Kindle download from May 16-20, 2021.

This 132-page collection is 100% written by college students, and is chock-full of wonderful fiction and poetry from the UMES creative writing students. Support a great group of young people by downloading a copy and dropping a review on Amazon for them. As writers know, seeing your name in a published book for the first time is … amazing!

Thanks so much for supporting the EPIC project and its contributors.


Wow Browseabout Books in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, has gotten themselves a very famous new employee!

Don’t forget your local bookstores as you stay safe during the pandemic. Your local bookstores will ship, do curbside pick-up, and help you select a great new book that is much better than doom-scrolling on your phone.

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Thanks, as ever, for supporting Indie Bookstores as they support Indie Authors, like you!



I’ve nothing against digital books and, in fact, read them quite often. There is, however, something wonderful about holding a book that the digital experience cannot quite match. The paper texture, the scent of the ink, the crispness of the pages, the ability to physically bend a page. It’s an entire experience, and I would certainly miss it were it taken away.

In the not-too-distant-future we’ll be offering our catalog of books, which is currently available in print format only, in digital format. Because even though I enjoy physical paper books, I’m just one person. You may feel entirely different than I do, and you may be asking, “Why can’t I get your titles on Kindle?” It’s on the horizon along with various other goals.

Today, our first full-length novel went on sale. It’s entitled One of the Madding Crowd and was written by author David W. Dutton. It’s telling, I think, that this is our first-published novel. Telling because David was such a joy to work with–so open to changes and suggestions–that he’s likely spoiled me. In the months that we collaborated on transforming his manuscript to a printed, bound book, we developed a smooth working cadence. The manuscript was also fairly tight, which also made my job a bit easier than it might otherwise had been. Lastly, David was very responsive to target deadlines and, in my opinion, went way above and beyond what I’d expect of an author. But I know, too, that he did this because it’s his name on the cover and title page. DPP published the book, but David was extremely proactive in identifying and helping to solve whatever challenges arose during the editing of the manuscript, and for that I’ll always be grateful.

One of the Madding Crowd is the story of Marc Steadman. You don’t know Marc, but trust me, by the end of the book, you’ll come to know and understand him quite well. You’ll discover Marc’s strengths and weaknesses–his finer points and the flaws that make him all-too human. As an author, David has many strengths, and one of his greatest is characterization. Whether you experience David’s story via a paper book or a digital file, I think you’ll enjoy it. I’ve read it several times, and each time have walked away with a greater appreciation of David’s ability to clearly and concisely tell an interesting story.

While I’m pleased with each of the titles DPP has published in our first year of operations, I feel especially fortunate to have David’s book in our catalog. It’s a little treasure that now just happens to be in our treasure chest. For a long time, David’s book resided in the digital world–as an electronic manuscript. No doubt it still exists somewhere on his laptop, but it’s also here, as a 262-page print novel, in my hands, in David’s hands, and perhaps in yours as well.




On June 22, 2018, we held part two of our two-part book launch in support of the recently published EQUINOX literature anthology. The event, dubbed “Date Night,” took place at Milton’s popular Suburban Farmhouse coffee shop and eatery, located at 108 Federal Street. A sizable crowd showed up for the book launch, which featured live performances from several of the EQUINOX contributors including William Crandell and Carrie Sz Keane.


Music was provided by guitarist David Ara, who performed a variety of original songs throughout the evening. Following the scheduled EQUINOX readers and a brief intermission, an open-mic session commenced. The session included poet Tara A. O’Brien Elliott of Salisbury, MD, who was recently awarded the first-place prize in the upcoming AURORA anthology. Ms. O’Brien Elliott read four original poems.

We have two readings scheduled for August in support of the AURORA anthology. The anthology is scheduled to publish in mid-July and the live events will also occur at The Suburban Farmhouse.

Our heartfelt thanks to those who turned out tonight, and, of course, to Kristin Heathcote-Latham and the entire staff at The Suburban Farmhouse.




On Friday, June 22, Devil’s Party Press authors will converge upon Milton’s Suburban Farmhouse, located at 108 Federal Street, for an evening of live performances.

The event is part two of a two-part book launch in promotion of DPP’s latest literature anthology, EQUINOX. Authors including Bayne Northern, Carrie Sz Keane, and William Crandell will read from the anthology. The event also features live music from singer-songwriter David Ara, as well as a book signing. There may also be a few surprises in store.

The Suburban Farmhouse offers a variety of entrees, desserts, and beverages for purchase during this event. An open-mic session is also planned. Authors wishing to participate are advised to arrive at 5:00 PM to sign up as space is limited.

More information at capegazette.com.



On Friday, June 15, 2018, four of the EQUINOX anthology contributors performed at The Suburban Farmhouse in Milton, DE, in part one of a two-part event labeled Date Night. The authors were joined by keyboardist Anne Browne who played an assortment of melodies ranging from classical to contemporary. Mark Polo, Dianne Pearce, Judith Speizer Crandell, and David Dutton were the featured readers of the evening. It’s safe to say that a good time was had by all. The Suburban Farmhouse welcomed DPP with a lovely hand-written sign displayed on the large table in the back of their restaurant and coffee bar. In addition to reading from EQUINOX, author David Dutton also piqued the audience’s interest by reading the prologue to his upcoming novel, ONE OF THE MADDING CROWD, publishing fall 2018 by DPP. Attendees each received a special two-sided souvenir card, containing an excerpt from Mr. Dutton’s forthcoming tome. Mr. Dutton can be seen in the top middle photo below, while Ms. Speizer Crandell is pictured bottom left.

Date Night part 2 will be held on Friday, June 22, and will feature readings by authors DD Beals, TJ Lewes, Carrie Sz Keane, William Cranell, and Bayne Northern. Dianne Pearce will emcee the event which will also feature music selections by singer-songwriter David Ara. The event begins at 5:00 PM. The Suburban Farmhouse is located at 108 Federal Street in Milton. An open-mic session is planned for authors who wish to perform their work. Sign-up at 5:00 PM as space is limited.

Great food and coffee, live music, original stories. Bring a date, pick up an anthology and meet the authors. We look forward to seeing you there!