It had been an excruciating ordeal
Much worse than she had ever imagined
The doctor ordered a routine hip replacement 
Requiring one day in the hospital, out the next
Not to be so
Post opt she waited eons for a room
Only to be left unattended 
She frantically pushed the call button
Nurses who were overwhelmed 
Overlooked her pain meds 
Barely able to move, she was
Trapped for hours on a hard chair 
Resulting in unbearable pain
She slipped down and down into hell
Dazed, miserable, lonely and afraid
She cried for help, desperate for relief
After a lifetime, someone appeared 
Injecting  intravenous opiates
The result was like dawn after midnight
As though life was still a possibility
She could go on, maybe someday
Walk again, be free from pain
Able to resume her old beloved patterns
with family and friends
Was it to be, or had too much damage
Been inflicted 
Only time would tell