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An unabashed collection of stories for today’s troubled world.


WHAT SORT OF FUCKERY IS THIS in which the authors had the simple task of adding one of the seven words you can’t say on television to the title of their piece, be it poem, short story, or memoir. Of all the anthologies we have published this one garnered the most submissions because the authors were just so damn excited to throw some curse words out there.
We’re talking 55 pieces: short stories, poems, and reflections on the topic of the general fuckery of life. This collection boasts some of the mot unique, off-beat voices you’re likely to find anywhere including “The Last Lootenant Wins His Fuckin’ Medal” by William F. Crandell, awarded first-place in the category of best short story by the Delaware Press Association and also the national first place winner (best story in the USA) by the National Federation of Press Women. Don’t miss your chance to order this one-of-a-kind collection!


• The Fuckery of It All: An Introduction by Dianne Pearce
• I am the man who yells at his wife, “Bitch, I’ll put a cap in your ass!” by Bill Ayres
• If You’re Going Through Hell, Go Through the Back Room by Maureen McVeigh
• The Last Lootenant Wins His Fuckin’ Medal by William F. Crandell
• Not Getting Flirted With at the Fucking Gym by John Sheirer
• How the Fuck Are You? by Judith Speizer Crandell
• Hell No! We Won’t Go! by David W. Dutton
• What the Fuck: Monday Morning Strike by Claire McCabe
• Sonnet for Shitty, Rotten Love by Claire McCabe
• Those Damned Sunday Vices: View from the Third Floor by Claire McCabe
• One Badass Snowflake by Lisa Fox
• He’s My Man, Damn It! by Liliana Widocks
• I Fuck Men Up by Laura Nelson
• A Fucking Catastrophe by V.L. Brunskill
• Dear Beguiling Fifth of Vodka, or, Oh Shit, What Really Happened the Night I Claimed I Got So Sick Because I Ate a Hotdog at my Girlfriend’s Graduation Party Given by Her Parents by Alice Morris
• Hot Damn, if Only That Painter Had Not Gotten Out of Bed by Alice Morris
• Damn, the Problem With the Word French Fries by Alice Morris
• Don’t Be a Bitch by David Sturm
• Screwed by a Lake Trout Called Sir Jack by Sarah Leamy
• My Old Cock Blues by William Butler
• When Cornholing Wasn’t a Game by William Butler
• A Tattooed Asshole by William Butler
• Cock Tale, Dick Dialogue, Penis Patter by Felix Pire
• Shitty Mushrooms by Philippa Hawley
• Unnatural Shitbags by Carolyn Colburn
• Another Day at the Fucking Office by Krystina Schuler
• A Meditation on Lust and the Karmic Tab for Kinky Shit by Howard Brown
• Bitch Delivery for Mister Fucker by Rémi Savard
• Full of Shit at His Age Now by Paul Milenski
• The Red Fucking Converse of Sergio Menendez by Felix Pire
• Fucking Songbird by K.T. Vanderlaag
• Daemon Fenroy, God of the Fucked by Janna Miller
• The Shit Collector by Mark Kodama
• broken as fuck by Lola Steel
• ’Cause Dammit, I’m Alive by Anthony Crutcher
• Huffy Wee Fuckin Bampot by Jan McGuire
• For the Love of Fuck by Les Zig
• “You’re fucking coming to hell with me, puta” by Alberto Ambar
• My Neighbor’s a Fucking Monster by Andrea Goyan
• Resting Bitch Face by Terri Clifton
• The Self-Mindfuck by Luanne Castle
• Fucking Other Men’s Daughters by Mark Hein
• Shakespeare, Where the Fuck Art Thou? by Paulene Turner
• On Fucking Oneself by Desiree Harvey
• Stop Fucking Up the Gene Pool by Noel Alcoba
• Attacked by a Fucking Fish … A Love Story by Leslie Wibberley
• Wrong Fucking Number by John Sheirer
• Cocksucker by Eric Machan Howd
• Fucked Up Young by Eric Machan Howd
• Mannish Cunt by Eric Machan Howd
• The Goddamned Rug by Dianne Pearce
• Old and in the Fucking Way by Andrew Paul Grell
• what the fuck was i thinking? the unfortunate chest tattoo by Cortney Collins
• a shitshow match made in heaven by Cortney Collins
• Shit That Baby Out by Carrie Sz Keane
• Never Sink, Dammit by Dianne Pearce


  • Paperback: 364 pages
  • Publisher: Devil’s Party Press (July 26, 2019)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0999655884
  • ISBN-13: 978-0999655887
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