Suspicious Activity: An Original Crime Collection

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It’s time for crime!

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DPP proudly presents its fifth anthology, SUSPICIOUS  ACTIVITY. Over 220 pages of sinister tales by an international cast of authors.


  • Puzzle Box No. 1 by Heidi J. Hewett
  • Reflections of Miss Ava by Phyllis Humby
  • Detective Show #2647 by Monte A. Anderson
  • i finally know how a girl disappears by Kari Ann Ebert
  • Suicide by Marriage by Judith Speizer Crandell
  • Acts of Magic by David Yurkovich
  • Mark Twain’s Unscheduled Trip to Shanghai by Dianne Pearce
  • On Crime and Crustaceans by William F. Crandell
  • The Couple by Bayne Northern
  • Mis Problemas by Bernard Max Resnick
  • A Murder in Manila by Jonathan Ochoco
  • Sleep to See Tomorrow’s Memories of Yesterday  by Robert Lewis Heron
  • Silver Webs Form Insect Shrouds by Robert Lewis Heron
  • The Case of the Mislaid Eggs by Patsy Pratt-Herzog
  • In Death, She Speaks the Truth by Liliana Widocks
  • Night Vigil by David W. Dutton
  • Isla de Corazón Piedra by Michael Sarabia
  • The Crime of Overstanding by Carrie Sz Keane
  • The Fruit Stand by Lisa Fox
  • The Discovered Country by Tom Barlow
  • Seventy-Three Steps and Stale Sweat by Robert Lewis Heron
  • Insomnia by Sharon Berg
  • An Endless Shot of Trouble by William F. Crandell
  • The Infiltrator by Paulene Turner
  • Ceremony by Judith Speizer Crandell
  • My Own Man by Roberto Sabas
  • My Illness Looks Like Darkness by Wendel Jones
  • A Blue Bird by Wendel Jones
  • The Women of Royal Palm Breeze by Mark Alan Polo

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