Solstice: A Winter Anthology
[Author Pricing]

$ 4.38

Solstice 2022 contributor pricing. If you are not a contributor to the 2022 collection, visit the retail product page found HERE to order.


This product selection is available only to Solstice 2022 contributors. If you are not a contributor to the 2022 anthology, please visit the retail Solstice product page found HERE.

Solstice 2022 authors: As a contributor to the anthology, you will receive a copy of the paperback. If you wish to order additional copies, which is completely optional, you may purchase them for $4.38 per copy (60% below the $10.95 retail price).

To order additional copies: Select the number of copies desired (keeping in mind that you will receive 1 copy at no charge), and add to your cart. Proceed to checkout. A flat rate postage charge of $6.95 is added to the order. This is the cost to order 1 additional copy, 1,000 additional copies, or any amount in between.

Once you have completed the order, we will coordinate getting the books shipped to you. Thanks again for contributing to Solstice 2022! We hope to see you in future anthologies as well.

We will keep this product page up until December 31, 2022. After that date, if you wish to order additional copies of the book, please contact us directly.



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