* ARRIVING 09.25.23
The Pumpkin King and Other Tales of Terror by R. David Fulcher


$ 13.99

🎃 Prepare for a Frightening Feast of Horror as we unleash R. David Fulcher’s nightmarish collection, THE PUMPKIN KING AND OTHER TALES OF TERROR! 🎃 

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🚀 PREORDER NOW and Dive into Nightmares this September! 🚀

After years in the shadows, the wait is finally over! THE PUMPKIN KING AND OTHER TALES OF TERROR is here to ignite your darkest fears, shipping straight to your door in September 2023! 🌙

📜 A Treasure Trove of Horror Unleashed: This chilling anthology collects the very best of R. David Fulcher’s spine-tingling short stories, many of which have become elusive gems of the horror world. Brace yourself for a harrowing journey into the realm of traditional horror that will keep you up at night!

📖 Feast Your Eyes on These Nightmares:

🏰 Marienburg Castle
💀 A Night Out With Mr. Bones
🌌 Dreaming, The Copper City
🍂 The October Man

… and an entire crypt-full of other bone-chilling tales that will haunt your dreams!

📚 A Master Storyteller Unleashes His Terror: R. David Fulcher, the maestro of horror, has spent countless years perfecting his craft. His stories are meticulously woven webs of terror that will send shivers down your spine, and this September, you’ll have the chance to experience his mastery firsthand.

🧛‍♂️ THE PUMPKIN KING AND OTHER TALES OF TERROR: A spellbinding 136-page softcover, packed with nightmares, is yours for just $13.99 retail. Mark your calendar for a date with destiny as we ship this diabolical masterpiece in late September 2023. 📚🌑👻

Don’t let the darkness catch you unprepared! Secure your copy now and become a part of the terror-stricken legion eagerly awaiting THE PUMPKIN KING AND OTHER TALES OF TERROR! 💀🕯️👹