Mosquitoes and Men by Mark Alan Polo

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A Southern Gothic tale of intrigue.



The debut novel by author Mark Alan Polo. After a twenty-five-year absence, Faustus Madigan returns home to Greyhaven, a formerly illustrious 18th-century plantation in Peaceable, South Carolina, for a most unanticipated family reunion. Titus, father to The Madigans, is dead. Compelled to say goodbye to his father, visit with Addie, the woman who raised him, and mend the fences broken by his long absence, Faustus steps through the doors of the home he’d fled a quarter of a century ago. Nothing can prepare Faustus for the changes that have occurred in his family members following his departure from Peaceable, so many years earlier. Nor can he foresee the monumental shift in the family dynamic that has occurred because of Titus’ death. During his brief visit, old acquaintances are rekindled, new bonds are formed, and long-buried family secrets are unearthed. Faustus’ siblings, the heirs to Greyhaven,yearn to take hold of the reigns bequeathed them. They have plans of their own for Greyhaven’s future and are determined that no one–family or otherwise–will stand in their way. There is always a price to pay for survival.

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