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Hibernaculum by Anthony Doyle (WHOLESALE)

$ 7.49

For some it’s an upscale extended sleep experience. For others, a means of survival.



An astonishing tale of the near future and a world that could be, HIBERNACULUM is the most imaginative novel you’ll read this, or perhaps any, year. Anthony Doyle’s, world in which human hibernation is now standard fare, is both fascinating and terrifying. For some, the Hibernaculum represents status. For others, necessity. Through multiple narrative voices, Doyle seamlessly brings to life a tale unlike any other. Thought provoking, complex, and highly entertaining.

244 pages | softcover | COVER PRICE: $15.99 | RETAILER COST: $7.49 (MINIMUM ORDER 5 COPIES)
Estimated ship date: July 28, 2023

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