Halloween Party ’21

$ 14.99

HP ’21.


Halloween Party ’21 is the latest horror collection from Gravelight Press. It features 21 scary, original works sure to delight and terrify. From the disturbing undercurrents of “Insecticide” to the psychologically charged drama “Unwell” to the speculative thriller “Before She’s Gone Forever,” there’s an entire trick-or-treat bag of goodies awaiting you between the pages of this unique anthology.

  • Introduction by Dianne Pearce
  • East 55th Street Affair by James Goodridge
  • Aristotle’s Lantern by R. David Fulcher
  • Insecticide by Nancy North Walker
  • Hopscotch by Bernie Brown
  • The Halloween Hound by David Yurkovich
  • Unwell by Faye Perozich
  • Into the Fire by David W. Dutton
  • He Knew Where She Was by Jeffrey D. Keeten
  • The Urraca Affair by James Goodridge
  • All Hallows’ by Morgan Golladay
  • It Is Highly Illegal to Hit Someone With an Egg by Morgan Golladay
  • The Gravid Doe by Morgan Golladay
  • Devil’s Throne by Morgan Golladay
  • Are You Lonesome Tonight? by Bernie Brown
  • The Hat by Russell Reece
  • Snail! Snail! Show Me Your Horns by J.C. Raye
  • Elevator of Blood by Robert Fleming
  • A Good Daughter by Kim DeCicco
  • Second Date by Morgan Golladay
  • Before She’s Gone Forever by Phil Giunta
  • Porch Ghost (as recounted by Dianne Pearce)

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