Halloween Party ’21 (Author Copies)

$ 5.99

HP ’21 Author Pricing.


NOTE: This product is being offered at a discounted price to contributors of Halloween Party ’21 who wish to order additional copies of the book (all contributors will receive 1 copy of the collection). If you are not a contributor to this collection, you can still pre-order the book at the retail price (see adjacent product listing).

HP ’21 contributors: This listing and author pricing (60% discount) will be available through October 31, 2021. Simply indicate the number of copies you wish to order and then complete check-out. Flat-rate shipping is $6.95 whether you order 1 or 100 copies. Books will be shipped directly to you in mid-September as soon as copies are available. As noted above, will receive an author copy at no cost. You are under no obligation to purchase additional copies.

Thanks for being a part of this collection!

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