Glass Onion by David Yurkovich

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GLASS ONION, an original thriller by David Yurkovich


How much would you sacrifice in the name of loyalty? Otis Oppenheimer never once asked himself this question. He should have. Young, and eager to impress, Otis knew that he was being pulled into something special when, in 1986, he and a dozen fellow agents were handpicked by Ronald Reagan and assigned to the Commander-in-Chief’s secret pet project the Glass Onion initiative. The GO team’s task seemed simple: Spread across the globe, Otis and his agency colleagues were plunged into a search for a mythical onion sculpted in glass. The glass talisman offered its owner a window into the future. Reagan and Pentagon officials knew that a superpower with the ability to see tomorrow would be the unquestionable world leader in the dawning new century. The Gipper believed that the onion was within reach. So did the loyal members of team GO.

Two decades into the search, Reagan is dead but his dream venture lives on in the new millennium, much to the chagrin of those who find themselves ensnared in a go-nowhere assignment from which resignation is not an option. The GO team members-those who have not burned out or perishedare bitter, exhausted, and disenfranchised. None more so than Oppenheimer. Years of deception and layers of subterfuge have made Otis a stranger to his wife and child. He has seen friends driven mad by the mission, brilliant minds ground to fine powder. The GO team is not alone in its casualties, for other nations have also joined the hunt.

Now, the long search is nearly over. Centuries without a master, the glass onion longs to share its many secrets. But can something so elusive truly remain captive for long? GLASS ONION, an espionage thriller with a supernatural slant, is the debut novel by graphic novelist David Yurkovich, whose works of graphic fiction include Less Than Heroes, Altercations, and Death by Chocolate: Redux.


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