Charlotte by Stan Charnofsky

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A cozy whodunit by Stan Charnofsky!

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A new mystery novel from author Stan Charnofsky!

Claire Hazelton is dead. Not pleasant, but not entirely unexpected for a grandmother who had lost her vision and wasconfined to a wheelchair. Claire’s friend, Charlotte, suspects foul play, as does Claire’s granddaughter, Meredith.

As Charlotte and Meredith process this unwelcome thought, Charlotte’s younger brother, Greg, arrives for his annual visit. While Charlotte focuses on unraveling the last days of Claire’s life at Bigelow Village, Greg seems entangled in hopeless thoughts of Meredith.

The halls of Bigelow Village, once a warm and safe community for Greg’s sister, feel as empty andforeboding as the cold trees of November that thrash against the windows, and it begins to look to Greg as if someoneintends to make Charlotte the next victim.

Charlotte has no intention of dying. Rather, she plans to unmask amurderer before he, or she, can kill again.

An original, 207-page mystery novel you won’t want to miss.

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