Accident by Stan Charnofsky [Charlotte Smart Mystery Series Vol. 2]

$ 14.99

In the latest Charlotte Smart mystery tale, our amateur sleuth enlists to help determine if a purported accident wasn’t actually something more sinister.


Book 2 in Stan Charnofsky’s Charlotte Smart Mystery Series finds our amateur sleuth enlisted to help determine if a purported accident wasn’t, in fact, something more sinister.

Greg Smart has flown in from California for his big sister Charlotte’s 70th birthday. Charlotte, the previous year, solved a murder when Greg visited her at her retirement village. She has just been asked, by the police officer who took a shine to her during the prior case, to take a look at a baffling hit and run “accident” that has left one victim dead, and, Charlotte weeps to discover, the victim is a child, and the second victim, the child’s older sister, injured. Charlotte agrees to help immediately, and as soon as the two meet the child bonds with Charlotte who takes her under her wing.

Charlotte will not let this child be hurt again. Meanwhile Greg continues to have an unexpectedly interesting love life while he and Charlotte work together to help to piece the child’s life and family back together by bringing a murderer to justice

Don’t miss this engaging cozy mystery series best enjoyed on a cool, rainy day.