My brother is dead
But no one notices
As he sits in the corner
Without blinking
They walk past him,
Nod and smile

My face is turning red
I rearrange the crocuses
On the table in the corner
Silently thinking
How everything works for him
Ever since he was a child

Take care of your brother
My mother says, passing me by
What am I supposed to do?
I answer to her departing form
Resurrect him?
You treat him like God, not me

I glance at all the others
As they say to my parents,
Thank you for inviting us
It’s a wonderful Thanksgiving
Obliviously dining and dancing
Mere feet from the undead

My face is a portrait of worry
Don’t be like that, my father chides
He’ll ravage them like locus,
I say, Eating everything alive
Tut tut, says Father, We’ll find a cure
Until then, nod and smile

My brother stirs slightly, though dead
After dessert, my magnum opus
I’ll burn the undead in the corner
Then finish off with copious drinking
If it has to be me or him
It’s me – I nod and smile