The night lit with fire
Dutch Masters™, weed, chicken wings,
boiled eggs, Crown Royal™
The party smelled of Magic Shave™
new improved smell
Tabu®, Jean Nate®, Hai Karate®

Shooed from the grown-up talk
seated in the best seat
in the middle of the den
with a big pair of earphones

This, Uncle Son said brandishing album with
Miles’ stern face staring at me
Now stinky foot, I’m gonna show you the right way
to listen to jazz
I have the architects of jazz right here
If you have to eat spaghetti dogs every night
invest in some good speakers
I got these on the black market
those Danes know their speakers

He gave me a coffee mug
with a picture of the Rhine
Put a capful of his whiskey in
grabbed some sugar cubes
stirred it in my cup
put some coffee
stirred that up

This, he announced
is what you drink
when you listen to
the PHD’s of Jazz