Meet Dianne Pearce, your new writing coach

A personal trainer for your creative mind

First and foremost, I believe that everyone should have access to affordable, top-quality coaching.

And I would love to help you “Finish your damn novel!”

And that’s the trick, isn’t it? You have one, or one hundred ideas, but you lack the discipline to sit down at the keyboard.

For more than 20 years, I’ve helped hundreds of writers develop the skills and confidence they need to improve the quality of their writing, and whether you’ve been writing for weeks or for decades, I can help you, too. And most of all, I have helped them do the work. It’s the deadline, the external discipline, the reward of sharing your writing with an excited and enthusiastic reader that we all need to turn the lonely task of writing a book into one you can’t wait to get back to

Dianne Pearce

As your writing coach, my objective is to help you to flourish as a writer.

You may be wondering, what exactly is a writing coach? How is coaching different from workshopping? There are clear differences: Workshops are great for writers seeking peer-to-peer feedback in a group session, and if you’re looking for that type of experience, please visit our Author Workshops page. Coaching is designed to provide you with a one-to-one experience similar to what you would expect if taking private music or acting lessons. Coaching is tailored to your needs and objectives while also providing you structure and the guidance necessary to succeed.

As your writing coach, we will explore your approach to writing and, of course, your actual work. It’s important to recognize that writing is a craft and, like any craft, it requires care, nurturing, and guidance based on experience, each of which it will receive.

What’s in it for you

As your writing coach, I’ll be wearing many hats. My main objectives are to:

  • Help you to create a manuscript that works. This involves reading, critiquing, and performing developmental editing (i.e., seeing the big picture and how the material fits together into a logical narrative).
  • Provide techniques to help improve basic elements such as dialogue, character descriptions, and paragraph length.
  • Teach you, in the process, about the writing as a craft and identifying language and organizational patterns within your manuscript that are working and those that need work.
  • Give you constructive feedback and provide encouragement that will help inspire you to write and hone your skills.
  • Share ideas about how to organize your material, your thoughts, and your time.
  • Brainstorm ideas with you.
  • Hold you accountable (i.e., understand that ours will be a two-way street in which you devote a certain number of hours each week toward your writing so that I can, in turn, provide feedback and guidance to position you for success).
  • Make writing something you enjoy and welcome into your life.
  • And, you know what? Our meetings are fun 🙂

What I won’t do as your writing coach:

  • Offer trite platitudes.
  • Waste your time on non-coaching-related matters.
  • Provide “cookie cutter” feedback.
  • Clock watch.

The process

We will meet for regular coaching sessions via Zoom. The frequency of these meetings can vary, though a minimum of two to four meetings per month is recommended to help with your forward progression. I will review a selection of your writing prior to each of our live sessions so we are able to make the best use of our time together.

You will have responsibilities as well–mainly, accountability (i.e., ensuring that you are devoting time to honing your craft between our live sessions, and applying the guidance you receive throughout our working relationship).


My coaching fees are flexible, with most clients paying as little as 100/month. Multiple payment options are available (Zelle, Venmo, Cash App, etc.). These packages do not come with elaborate names like Platinum or Gold, nor do they come with Mercedes-type price tags. As I mentioned earlier, I believe that everyone should have access to affordable, top-quality coaching.

Getting started

If you are genuinely serious about improving your writing acumen, complete the form below. Upon receipt of your form submission, I’ll reach out to you so that we can meet over Zoom to talk about your goals and what you expect to get out of coaching.

I would love to meet you in a free Zoom to discuss what you need, and I am really excited to read what you’ve written. And I can also help you find the place to publish what you’ve written.

Let’s get started!



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