1. Gee Be There Now Himalayas!

“If you think you’re free, there’s no escape possible.” Ram Dass, Be Here Now

Abodes of snow spiritual

and spectacle seekers,

self-important explorers

or foreign imperialists

from first world countries

turn teeming basecamps

where Wi-fi’s available

currently at 17,600 feet

into shopping malls, make


accessible to more weekend

warrior adventure packages

for all selfie-seeking bourgeois.

2. Nuclear COVID 2021 Winter: On the Beach Redux?

“…And his ghost may be heard as you pass by the billabong

“Who’ll come a-Waltzing Matilda, with me?”

—- André Rieu, Waltzing Matilda

…A Redondo Beach once-upon-a-time-surfer, now CVS cashier, who for decades has mirrored my aging. 

Sam, that particularly obese Safeway checker I’ve laughingly danced around carrying bags of groceries for years. 

One grandchild’s tearful principal looked forward to retirement last time both chatted in the pickup line eleven months ago. 

Woman worked in cube next to mine turned out to become center of a super-spreader, event eventually aerosol-documented despite at that time she being well-known for and proud of her perfect record wiping down elevator buttons etcetera.

My beer-buddy well as +/- masked dentist — during past February’s apparently simpler short-term no-biggy halcyon days — we parted, with in retrospect seemingly quaint, winking cute elbow bumps plus Purell dabs’ll do ya… 

I wonder if they are, could or will all still be there; should/ when this tightly-sequestered 

hair-on-fire mid-septuagenarian ever again get an opportunity to find out?

3. Not Too Mad Lib Parlor Games

Usual winter dwindles

— now compounded

by COVID sequester

are somehow starting 

to bore me to death 

so ‘steada fool turning 

toward more food/poems

I’ve got no-good mind

to doom-scroll truly

dark net social media  

Parler replacements:

don’t really want to 

telegraph my moves

… but let’s just say

keeping all options 

open for this Jew

to rendezvous with 

hate-spewing eww 

Boogaloo — or oy 

Proud Boys Trump

employs to grift his

Florida satisfaction

guaranteed Fountain 

of Youth packages

that include cryonic

reincarnation kits

to morons, idiots.

4. Day In The Life: Mel Gibson Redux

September 13, 2005,

five days into Burning Man’s 

annual extravaganza on Nevada’s

red-hot Black Rock Desert playa

among 35,000 gathered international crazies

variously committed to radical 

inclusion, self-reliance


my son threw me a small surprise 60th birthday party, 

the highlight of which was a miraculously cold 

half honeydew he’d convinced neighbors 

to kept fresh in their refrigerator truck.

After that, a few of us moseyed  

over to nearby Mad Max Thunderdome

in order to voyeur over-testosteroned 

males in a locked steel cage 

observe rules of engagement

similar to those agreed upon between troops 

of India’s 16th Bihar Regiment 

and China’s People’s Liberation Army 

at Ladakh’s ferociously contested border post:

no escalating to firearms 

but anything else goes

including rocks plus nail-spiked clubs.

Then we trucked back 

to our northern Californians’ campy base camp

collective where one Donald Duck 

costumed dudess barbecued USDA prime steak

while most others prepared, 

preferred yummy veggies 

harvested just last week 

from somebody’s truck farm outside Davis.