Final Zoom Meeting

I was fine, offline, I was

chatting my cat out of its hat

entered Zoom, on a web surfers’ broom

muted my voice, muted my video

hands raised greet, meet other participants

greetings in the meeting to Satan, Jason, Freddy, Pazuzu, snake

Satan & Pazuzu mute video to show a red slash

Jason & Freddy click 3 red dots, to show their name as blank

snake unvideowed to video to a gray square

I am displayed, afraid, in the center Zoom box

bordered with blank boxes showing red slashes

I am lost in Zoom, my doom awaits

oh moderator, por favor, be my savior

Satanist, Sam, I am, surfaces:

u r not on the invitee list 4 Satan’s Zoom meeting

once u enter, u can exit with a Satan exit pass

get u an exit pass? 

Sam, I am, am uncertain

Satan is so sorrowfull 

so sorry, in hell its covid-19 2

its souls 6’ apart, & Zoom meetings 2

stay 4 the meeting?  could be healing?

agenda is hell Zoom changes:

change share screen to scare screen

what is your way?

way in or way out?