Exhumed – Video Collection

We’re delighted to present several of the stories from the EXHUMED anthology in video format, read by the authors. If you enjoy these stories, please consider purchasing a copy of EXHUMED from AMAZON. At only $9.99, it’s a steal!

Jeffrey D. Keeten, noted book critic and author, shares his insights on horror and why the genre continues to appeal to readers globally.
J.C. Raye’s harrowing tale that will forever change your perception of a certain right jolly old elf.
“Mothers can be tricky. Daughters can be slippery.” Josephine Queen spins an eerie tale set in a most unusual flower shop.
Bernie Brown’s haunting tale is set in the menswear section of a department store.
A most unusual pair of detectives star in James Goodridge’s horror tale inspired by the works of Lovecraft and other Gothic horror writers. Includes a post-performance interview with the author.
Two brothers enjoy an afternoon on the beach until they are suddenly case into darkness in this unusual work by Bayne Northern.
A beach vacation and a child’s sandcastle provide the backdrop of David W. Dutton’s disquieting tale.
Robin Hill Page Glanden’s tale of loss and despair.
There’s something not quite right about Mr. Gibb. Author Heidi Lobecker knows what it is.
Andrea Goyan’s powerful and haunting tale of escape across the Aegan Sea.
Mary puts her skills to good use in this sublime short story by Russell Reece.
The official Exhumed book trailer.

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